February 25, 2015

We were given new precedents today; contrasts: Mountain/Foothills vs. Prairie.


We then were instructed to create our own figure ground/ideation drawings of each, (two each):




The Rocky Mountain Province is generally sunny,
dry, cool, and windy with long, sweep...

February 21, 2015






The last one, which I had to do, was modern organic





















February 14, 2015




I chose to create a design using modern organic precedents...


Figure Ground:




Model (w/ figure ground):


Perspectives (using Photoshop):







February 7, 2015




For the "Triangle Site" I chose to affix an agrarian concept to it



 Perspectives (in pencil):


February 6, 2015

After doing site analys' for each site, we then had to create our own figure grounds for each site, (whether it be agrarian, artistic, or modern organic), and "create" our new site layout, just trying to figure out the general flow, form, and expression, etc.


Next, we...

January 29, 2015

Given the 3 design presedents (Artistic, Agrarian, and Modern Organic), we were also given 3 existing sites that we had to create new "layout's" for. One site per design precedent. Our first step was to analyze all three sites for effects of sun, wind, general observat...

January 24, 2015

Our first project that deals with looking at form and expression through "figure grounds". Figure grounds are mainly in black and white, trying to exaggerate yet simply define what the 'basics' of the design will consist of. We took existing parks/gardens and gave them...

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